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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pulling Apart for the Sake of the Nation

I am an occasional listener of conservative talk radio. While i am by no means a "ditto-head", i do find conservative philosophy more compatible with a Catholic society. While i'm normally content to let the experts do their jobs, one caller today on Rush Limbaugh upset me with yet another well-meaning but foolish argument. She told Rush he sounded like an angry petulent child and instead of being upset that we lost the election, he needed to give Obama a chance, stop with the criticism, and help us pull together as a nation. While Rush was being a bit more snarky than usual, the caller was otherwise wrong. If Obama's economic plan is a bad idea, it doesn't matter if 100 people agree with it or 300 million people agree with it, it is still going to run the country into the ground. The only thing that changes is the number of people prepared to deal with the aftermath.
Furthermore, Obama not only doesn't believe that life begins at conception, he's apparently also not sure it begins at birth either, as is indicated by his voting numerous times against the Born Alive Infant Protection act.
We do not owe a president who is wrong loyalty to his wrong ideas. We owe him our prayers and sacrifices for his conversion and respect for the office he holds.