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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pope Baptizes Moslem

With all the uproar about the Pope baptizing Magdi Allam, I had hoped that this was a strong statement against Islamic extremism and all the other evil associated with Islam, i.e. stoning rape victims, no religious freedom, kidnapping and killing Archbishop Raho etc.... But then I read this on Catholic World News:
I understand the importance of "dialogue," but I think that Father Lombardi is wrong on the mission of Catholic schools. The CWN reported:
"Father Lombardi took exception to one point that Nayed had made, arguing that it is misguided to charge (as Nayed had) that Christian schools seek to produce converts in Muslim countries. The Vatican spokesman pointed out that in many countries, Catholic schools serve student populations in which the majority "are non-Christian and have happily remained so."
The whole mission of the Catholic church is the salvation of souls, and a huge part of that is helping people to come to the truth of Christ which is part of any Catholic education and should be the underlying motive and goal for all Catholics. Not to the point of proselytization of course but working for the conversion and salvation of souls should be on the list of things that a Catholic school is trying to do. If not I would question the "Catholic" credentials of the school.
Furthermore, Moslem schools actively work "to produce Moslem converts". I wonder if Nayed has ever attacked a Moslem school for that?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Advertising for Dummies

I'd just like it noted that i think it's awesome how very little Google AdSense cares if their ads actually match the spirit of the blog. Like after the Glenn Beck post, we had an ad for Mormon singles dating and now we have the It's like the Fairness Doctrine has passed and this is how we balance. What happens if i post a comment about abortion?

We don't need no education

Parents in this country are coming dangerously close to losing all rights to their children. The recent hullaballoo in California over homeschooling should make this pretty obvious. For now the ruling is back in favor of parents, but for how long? It seems like many times, radical legislation is posited just to get people used to the idea so that within 10 years, it doesn't seem so crazy. Right now there are probably watchdogs searching for homeschooled children who aren't successful academically so they can once again make a case that the parents should have teaching degrees or not be permitted to homeschool at all. They will cite any infraction as clearcut evidence that the state is the only body qualified to "educate" our children and then their journey to the darkside will be complete. We can most likely look for another push to be made within a few years. Nazi Germany banned homeschooling so the government had complete access to the youths. It's interesting that the pro-homosexual lobby groups are making the same move.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Political Observation

The facts are that none of the candidates are morally acceptable. None of them has a pro-life stance. Hillary and Obama are both fully pro abortion to the point of allowing partial birth abortion, and McCain is pro embryonic stem cell research. This is a crock!
Much like the conservative talk radio hosts out there, it is impossible to find one that is fully in accord with Catholic teaching. This state of affairs is very frustrating. As for me I am voting for Rick Santorum as a write-in candidate.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glenn Beck, Awwwwwww Nooooooooo!

I've given up listening to Glenn Beck because there's no one more anti-Catholic than an ex-Catholic (a "raised-Catholic," if you will). Most recently he declared that the Church kept the mass in Latin so no one would understand it. Brilliant. Because that's why St. Jerome translated it into Latin in the first place.
The fact is, Glenn Beck is a Mormon. For some reason, I can take anti-Catholicism from Protestants and it hurts much less than someone who was gullible enough to fall for Mormonism. When your religion isn't even 200 years old, it stings far more. When your religion can easily be disproven with a science and/or history textbook, it stings far more. Protestants at least use the Bible to try to disprove Catholic teachings. Mormons don't use the Bible or even the Book of Mormon for that matter. They're people who believe Joseph Smith's church is teaching truth almost 200 years going strong, but Jesus' Church couldn't even pass the 100 year mark despite His assurance that "the gates of hell will not prevail against it".
I don't hate Glenn Beck, but I can't listen to him anymore. You're free to believe whatever you want in this country, but if your church leader dispensed with divine revelation so your territory could become a state, you might want to rethink it.
Mormonism: a Poor Alternative to Thinking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Apocalypse Now!

With the election upcoming, I know many of us Catholics are hoping Jesus comes back to save us from the audacity of hope. However, we can always pray and hope for a miracle. That being said, i wanted to notify people of which is asking for a 54 day rosary novena for a positive election outcome. Also St. Thomas More is the patron saint of politicians and statesmen, so for extra credit you can pray for the candidates to stop being nightmares wrapped in bad dreams. St. Monica prayed 20 years for Augustine and we only have 7 months, so get crackin'!

Monday, March 17, 2008

So This is Blog

Welcome to the blog to neither end nor begin all blogs. The focus here is on the world common to all men viewed through the Catholic perspective (which means not every single post will be on Church goings-on). Anyhoo, don't expect much.