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Friday, March 28, 2008

We don't need no education

Parents in this country are coming dangerously close to losing all rights to their children. The recent hullaballoo in California over homeschooling should make this pretty obvious. For now the ruling is back in favor of parents, but for how long? It seems like many times, radical legislation is posited just to get people used to the idea so that within 10 years, it doesn't seem so crazy. Right now there are probably watchdogs searching for homeschooled children who aren't successful academically so they can once again make a case that the parents should have teaching degrees or not be permitted to homeschool at all. They will cite any infraction as clearcut evidence that the state is the only body qualified to "educate" our children and then their journey to the darkside will be complete. We can most likely look for another push to be made within a few years. Nazi Germany banned homeschooling so the government had complete access to the youths. It's interesting that the pro-homosexual lobby groups are making the same move.