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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pope Baptizes Moslem

With all the uproar about the Pope baptizing Magdi Allam, I had hoped that this was a strong statement against Islamic extremism and all the other evil associated with Islam, i.e. stoning rape victims, no religious freedom, kidnapping and killing Archbishop Raho etc.... But then I read this on Catholic World News:
I understand the importance of "dialogue," but I think that Father Lombardi is wrong on the mission of Catholic schools. The CWN reported:
"Father Lombardi took exception to one point that Nayed had made, arguing that it is misguided to charge (as Nayed had) that Christian schools seek to produce converts in Muslim countries. The Vatican spokesman pointed out that in many countries, Catholic schools serve student populations in which the majority "are non-Christian and have happily remained so."
The whole mission of the Catholic church is the salvation of souls, and a huge part of that is helping people to come to the truth of Christ which is part of any Catholic education and should be the underlying motive and goal for all Catholics. Not to the point of proselytization of course but working for the conversion and salvation of souls should be on the list of things that a Catholic school is trying to do. If not I would question the "Catholic" credentials of the school.
Furthermore, Moslem schools actively work "to produce Moslem converts". I wonder if Nayed has ever attacked a Moslem school for that?