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Monday, December 22, 2008

A couple notes on Christmas.

As fairly new parents Christmas presents some interesting challenges for our family. What do you tell your kids about Santa Claus? How do you create a meaningful emphasis on Jesus "the reason for the season"? While I'm sure we will continue learning and trying new things, a couple of things at this point seem perfectly clear.
#1. Keep gift giving to a minimum. There is no way you can give a 4 year old a mountain of presents and then tell him what's really important is Jesus. It sends a mixed message.
#2. I think lying about Santa sends a message that there is no real wonder to the season so grown ups have to make it up. I believe it undermines what we truly believe as Christians and that we need to keep seeking genuine ways to emphasize God and his miraculous gift of self to the world.
Merry Christmas!
The Catholic Family