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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Adoption: the Ignored Option

One thing I don't understand is why pro-aborts have been getting away without a good argument against adoption. It seems to me that if a woman CHOOSES to have premarital sex, but can't afford to raise a child that results, she can still finish that college degree if someone else is raising the baby. Adoption also seems ideal in the case of rape. Obviously you don't kill a rapist's child for the sins of the father, but since you didn't seek this pregnancy in love, letting another couple raise the baby is perfectly understandable. Cases of incest, too, because it really seems to be best to get that poor baby away from the messed up family with a quickness.
What advantage does abortion offer over adoption? It essentially boils down to Planned Parenthood's money making agenda that involves selling recreational sex. If a girl carries a child to term and gives it up for adoption, she sees that it is human life she created with the sex act and may rethink the casual attitude PP encourages toward said act. It also hurts more to part with a full-term infant than to believe a piece of tissue was removed from your uterus. The lie becomes more exposed when you bring a child to term.
Many of us know women who casually acknowledge that they weren't ready for a baby and had an abortion. Would they be so cavalier in acknowledging, "Oh, i wasn't ready for a baby, so i gave it up for adoption." Seems more callous to be casual about that. Adoption feels more like an important decision was made because you screwed up and we hope you learned your lesson. Abortion is simply a way to get out of the consequences of your actions. With all rights come responsibilities. If you have a "right" to premarital sex, then you have a responsibility to care for the life that results. When we remove responsibilities from the citizens of our country, we become a weaker nation. When we are murdering children to get out of responsibility, how much further can we really sink?
Abortion is so insidious because it is so hidden. It happens quickly behind closed doors, oftentimes with the mothers not even being fully informed about the life growing within them. We have adoption as an option and as long as we keep letting the pro-aborts ignore that, as long as we let Barak Obama pretend like his daughters will be punished with a baby unless they kill it in the womb, we'll keep on losing the war of words.