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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sowing the Seeds of Lust
This story is obnoxious because it gets into the topic of minorities as victims. The shock jocks in our tale of woe are not chastised for their degradation of women in general, but for degradation of a particular kind of woman. If they had said bedding Jessica Simpson made a man a real Alaskan, no one would object because celebrity women exist to feed our lusts.
I think maybe trying to turn a race of people into a conquest needed to attain some kind of status (Alaskan status, in this case) is worse than a single individual, but if we were as offended by lewd comments about Jessica Simpson, would it devolve into a whole race? It seems as though right now, as long as you keep your degrading comments applicable to ALL women, or women not in protected groups, you're fine.
Women need to stand up for all other women and stop being the type of woman who invites such comments; men need to quit making these comments and consuming lewd images. And above all, I think we need to bear in mind that the Yukon River is the real victim in this story.