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Friday, May 9, 2008

News Flash: Not Having Sex May Prevent AIDS
I don't think i've ever been so happy in my life. A research team from the Harvard School of Public Health has done a study that found that abstinence promotion has been effective in reducing the spread of HIV in African nations while condom promotion has done NOTHING! Ahahahahahahaha!
The study must be credible because i can't see any secular university promoting abstinence unless they simply had to look at their research results honestly. The Catholic Church in the US is too busy paying off sex abuse lawsuits to have any extra cash to bribe research institutes.
This may be repetitive, but as an average Catholic blogger I feel it my duty to repeat easily digestible arguments for average Catholics to easily regurgitate to their non-Catholic/bad Catholic family, friends and coworkers. The reason condom promotion fails is the psychological impact it has on a populace. When you tell people it's okay to live recklessly as long as they take precautions, it sends a mixed message. People will start living more recklessly, but may or may not take precautions. They know there is a "safe" way to do things, so it gives them a false sense of security whether they're using a condom or not. Then, of course, there is condom failure whether by manufacturer error or "pilot error", but i digress. Basically, many secular arguments, like condom promotion, sound very logical on paper, but the reason research will prove them wrong is because they fail to take into account the fact that we are human beings, not robots, and when society lowers the bar for personal accountability, we typically devolve.
You may want to save this link because i'm doubting this story will be readily available in mass media.