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Monday, May 5, 2008

Victims of Their Own Success

It has been said before but bears repeating: the "liberal Catholic" movement is undoing itself. By denying the teaching authority of the Church, they give younger generations no reason to stay in her. Most millenials may agree with the liberal perspective on social issues like contraception, but if the Church is wrong about so much that's so important, why not sleep in on Sundays? I was pleased to see that the realization of this fact is starting to sink in, albeit too late, as is noted in this Time magazine article quotation from Fr. Tom Reese, former editor of America magazine.
"But the familiar progressives-versus-Vatican paradigm seems almost certain to be undone by a looming demographic tsunami. Almost everyone agrees that the "millennial generation," born in 1980 or later, while sharing liberal views on many issues, has no desire to mount the barricades. Notes Reese, "Younger Catholics don't argue with the bishops; they simply do what they want or shop for another church." And Hispanic Catholics, who may be the U.S. majority by 2020, don't see this as their battle. "I'm sure they�re happy that the celebration of the Eucharist is in the vernacular," says Tilley, "but they don't have significant issues connected to Vatican II."

All a faithful Catholic need do is take as active a role in your Church as possible, raise your kids in the fullness of Truth, and wait for them to take over. By the next generation, apathy will have set in and those with a desire to "change the Church!" will be retired.
On a final note, I am reminded of the teaching that good does not need evil to survive. Evil needs good to survive. Evil will eat everything good, and when that is all gone, it will turn in on itself and be destroyed. Good is self-sustaining. When a movement like liberalism within the Church enters the phase of self-destruction, it's not hard to recognize it's origin.