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Friday, May 9, 2008

Uh, Honduras . . . Shut Up.
Ah, yet another non-American deciding what's best for US citizens. Firstly, the border wall in San Diego was very effective in reducing illegal immigration and their crime rate dropped 40%. Therefore his belief that a wall won't work needs to be supported by counter-evidence. Secondly, Cardinal Maradiaga ignores the fact that a nation has a duty to protect its citizens. When people come in illegally, we don't know if they're murderers, rapists, and drug dealers, or just average joses looking to make money to support their families. Mexico needs to respect our sovreignty and their citizens need to enter our country legally. Thirdly, he is ignorant of the fact that when a developed nation is inundated with a less developed populace, it tends to drag the standard of living in the developed nation down. Now i'm not saying our immigration laws are perfect or that only highly skilled geniuses should be allowed to come here, but there must be limits and regulations. And finally, why is no one chewing out the Mexican government for not fixing the corruption and increasing the standard of living for its own citizens? Doesn't the fact that so many people want to jump ship tell you that maybe Mexico ought to be getting the criticism instead of the US? I love Latinos and more orthodox Catholics in the US would certainly be a boon, but i want them to come legally and for the right reasons.
P.S. This has nothing to do with anything the Holy Father said while he was in the US. I love Benedict! If he says it needs to be a land of opportunity for all, fine! But he has also criticized the Mexican government and also didn't say anything about coming here illegally being okay. Just FYI.